The Convenience & Savings associated with Design-Build, with all of the Checks & Balances of a Conventional Owner-Architect-Contractor Relationship


For twenty-five years, DANIEL FRISCH ARCHITECTURE has specialized in the design and construction of custom, high-end residences. Each of its designs is envisioned and built from scratch, tailored to each family’s needs and tastes.

The DFA STUDIO is a custom, streamlined design and construction program that offers economic and scheduling efficiencies for renovations of certain size and scope. Each DFA STUDIO project enjoys the same rigorous design and construction process, as well as the same building and DOB approval process, as all DANIEL FRISCH ARCHITECTURE projects. Featuring their most successful, dependable, and durable design elements, the DFA STUDIO takes a universal design approach that stands the test of time.

To formulate the DFA STUDIO program, DFA analyzes a carefully recorded cost database of executed and ongoing projects. Based on this analysis, DFA is able to set a pre-priced schedule of costs for DFA STUDIO projects. DFA has partnered with Zoom Contracting to construct DFA STUDIO projects on this prix-fixe basis. Zoom understands the significant savings that the design and schedule efficiencies of the DFA STUDIO program deliver, and pass along to the client.

To qualify for the DFA STUDIO, clients must have renovation projects that meet the program criteria, including scale of project, budget targets and design priorities. If you believe you have a project that is appropriate, we invite you to explore the program.

DFA STUDIO project requirements:

If your project meets the above criteria, try our COST + SAVINGS CALCULATOR.

(If you find the requirements of the DFA STUDIO program too specific or limiting for your project, we invite you to review our full portfolio of DANIEL FRISCH ARCHITECTURE projects. Most importantly, please contact us to discuss your project – we look forward to hearing from you.)