Frequently Asked Questions

Are these numbers real?

Yes! The DFA STUDIO Program’s prices are based on our own extensive database of completed projects, and our construction partners commitment to signing contracts based on these numbers.

How can DFA guarantee such significant savings not only in architectural fees but also in construction costs?

By relying on our thoughtfully selected materials and design library, we arrive quickly at meaningful, aesthetically pleasing architectural solutions. DFA works with each client to develop project designs and prioritizes decision making early in the process. In conjunction with our thoughtfully selected materials, our construction partners are able to execute efficently.

Are the savings offered by the Studio Program just the result of cutting corners, shortcuts and lower quality materials?

Absolutely not. The construction teams, details, materials and standards are consistent with our high-end CUSTOM COMMISSIONS. The savings are the result of the streamlining that is at the heart of the DFA STUDIO Program.

Is this the same as “Design-build”?

No. The DFA STUDIO Program maintains the triangular relationship of Client, Architect and Contractor in order to serve the project goals of clarity, accountability and service. The client has a direct, contractual relationship with the contractor, as well as with DFA.

How can DFA offer set pricing using different contractors and without bidding?

Our partner contractors are seasoned veterans and trusted DFA colleagues who embrace the goals of the DFA STUDIO Program: quality, efficiency, and timeless design. The Program is designed to reduce uncertainty for the contractor as well as the client, allowing both to benefit from clearly defined project goals and timelines. As independent businesses, participation in the DFA STUDIO Program provides our partner contractors with a consistent flow of work, smooth professional relationships and the opportunity to build satisfying high-end homes.

I don’t want a cookie-cutter apartment. Why can’t I have… a parquet floor, decorative paint job, custom whatever?

DFA STUDIO projects are anything but cookie-cutter. A great deal of thought and customization goes into the schematic design of each individual project and a range of options provide excellent opportunities for individualization. The exceptional value of the STUDIO PROGRAM is based on working within the preferred selections. Clients who need or desire limitless choice in materials and details should inquire about the CUSTOM COMMISSION experience.

What’s not included?

Furniture, carpeting, decorative lighting, A/V equipment and programming, window treatments, specialty finishes, custom closet interiors, etc.

Does the existing condition of the apartment matter?

No, the STUDIO PROGRAM is geared towards gut renovations, so the condition of the apartment doesn’t affect the outcome.

More questions or want to get started?

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Are you a broker with an estate condition property to sell?

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